For every single down, you will find a double up

You’re untethered by weights around the world for people who favor it position. You have shown your own strength, your own grit, their determination to operate a vehicle pass despite issue. Attaining the milestone regarding graduation shows this fact. Research shows that it’s not the content you have got acquired thus sites de rencontre pour célibataires pansexuels much. But rather, it’s more significant inside short-moving information ages to get the capacity to learn and internalize the newest knowledge. So, purchase the much harder street. Combat the enticement of being scared to take risks to possess concern away from searching foolish. Now, throughout the conditions from Dr.

You learned the fresh new solidity off optimism, the brand new surety regarding positivity, taken opportunities to see some other side of things, the notion of embracing disputes to know success

Seuss, “Usually do not cry because it is more than, “look because it occurred. Albuquerque Public Colleges Board Participants Peggy Muller-Aragon and you will David Peercy, the newest students before you could has actually satisfied the latest graduation requirements set forth by Albuquerque Social Universities Panel off Degree in addition to the The new Mexico Social Knowledge Agency. To you personally I introduce the category of 2019.

Panel User PEGGY MULLER-ARAGON: The like account of your own Albuquerque Public Universities Panel out of Education, i accept the newest 2019 graduating group of Cibola Highschool. Of course I will state almost anything to you, graduates, I would state, “Be good, end up being fearless, “become brave, please remember “that you have lots of tomorrows “and every tomorrow, you have made a chance “to really make it a lot better than today. “Thus go out and become cougars that you will be. “Make use of all chance you may be presented. “And you can for example Brandon told you, ‘Grow where you’re grown.’ “Create a pleasant existence.”

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JEANINE CHAVEZ: Today I do want to acknowledge Craig Garcia, Foreign language Professor, Jeff Jones, Personal Knowledge Teacher, and Jose Arias, Foreign language professor, to help you announce the fresh new names of our own students

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