Do grandiose narcissists experiencea greater interest in order to potential friends who happen to be already when you look at the a love?

You to point that’s really worth listing is that while we received studies recommending this 1-third so you can nearly one or two-thirds of your users claimed with knowledge of lover poaching inside the Knowledge step one and 2, not every person tries to spouse poach. Therefore, it will be possible one to arbitrary reacting makes correlations come healthier than simply he is .

Though there are considerable facts one to grandiose narcissists declaration greater life frequency out-of spouse poaching attempts, the actual decisions stays not familiar during the certain times when spouse poaching are a possibility. There can be an evergrowing quantity of proof to indicate that folks tend to be more interested in dating with prospective mates when these possible friends are generally coordinated, most likely because these current ties try an indicator out of higher lover top quality . For this reason, in the event that partnered friends are considered as more common mates, following there needs to be a sign of a preference for potential couples who happen to be known to be in the dating. Particularly, we would anticipate a pattern of results demonstrating one to a beneficial) grandiose narcissists are more trying to find prospective friends who will be currently married, and you may b) its preference is for reduced label intimate matchmaking instead of longer-name dating.

We have a look at which matter inside the Data step three that with a destination paradigm we altered from a survey used by the Parker and you can Burkley . Parker and Burkley expected members to accomplish some forms like the of those men manage anticipate to find to the relationships other sites such as eHarmony otherwise match. Once finishing these types of surveys, members was indeed led to believe that the machine are complimentary him or her to a different beginner on the campus which provided equivalent responses. People had been at random allotted to realize that target is actually single or in a recently available dating. Members was basically upcoming requested just how likely they would getting to show need for the prospective (by creating visual communication and you will smiling), how appropriate they think anyone is actually, just how more than likely they might become to help you begin a conversation, how more than likely they will end up being so you can begin a love, as well as how direct they would get into opening a romantic relationship. Parker and you may Burkley mutual these products towards the a way of measuring quest of target. Nevertheless they assessed the latest the total amount to which they located the goal as individually glamorous. This is very important since the there are a person to be glamorous but not show need for the person to have an excellent matchmaking.

Studies 3

Parker and you will Burkley stated that guys located the prospective to-be far more actually attractive than simply female discovered the target. Having users who have been into the a love themselves, affixed guys had been more interested in the mark than simply attached girls were, however, there clearly was no impact into matchmaking reputation of one’s target. To possess solitary members, another pattern emerged. Solitary people have been keen on the mark complete than simply single people, and you will presented no difference in attention anywhere between a connected and you can unmarried target. Single people, concurrently, had been more interested in desire an attached target than just one target. Parker and you may Burkley determined that female had been fcn chat dating website more likely to lover poach than males.

In the present study, we produced particular modifications so you’re able to Parker and you may Burkley’s paradigm because of the yourself asking members if they will be searching for the mark getting a love whenever they’d “find out” with the new member. We integrated actions regarding grandiose narcissism and Large Five character so you can the paradigm to look at new the total amount to which grandiose narcissism is actually in getting a goal who was simply currently in a love (when you find yourself managing to possess Huge Five parameters).


Two hundred and forty-nine (118 men and 131 women) participants were recruited from Introductory Psychology courses in exchange for partial course credit (MAge = , SD = 3.81). Four participants were excluded because they indicated that they were gay (one man and three women) and the computer program used in the study would not allow us to account for lesbian or gay male sexual orientation. The majority (70.7%) of the participants self-identified as Caucasian. 107 participants (43%) indicated they were already in a romantic relationship.