Diaz mistakenly assumes you to Jake looks scared due to the fact the guy and you will Rosa are matchmaking, Mr

In Game Night, Jake Peralta is scammed from the Rosa reach an adore eatery in guise of getting your eating. She actually wants your there to be an assistance for her in her coming-aside try to their parents. After Mrs. Diaz makes the expectation which they understands he’s never enjoyed Jake. Jake requires crime to that and said it strike it well in their earliest and you will previous meeting, in which they talked about http://datingranking.net/cougar-dating soccer and then he titled they ‘futbol’. Then your second influences Jake as to why Rosa’s father does nothing like him, to which Mr. Diaz will abide by a verifying research. Right before Jake may get toward 2nd need in clearing up the misunderstanding, Rosa disrupts him.

She chickens aside coming out so you’re able to the lady parents and you will says she is was relationship Jake and that they try one or two

After for the dining, Mrs. Diaz asks exactly how Rosa and Jake “eventually get together whatsoever these types of decades.” That Jake makes up a beneficial backstory which involves him singing Rosa a song, and you can Mr. Diaz requests you to definitely Jake sings brand new tune. Immediately after Jake is scared to the vocal an abrupt generated-upwards sounds tune at that moment, Amy Santiago goes wrong with phone call Jake and you may Mr. Diaz notices an image of Jake and Amy with her pop-up towards Jake’s mobile phone screen. He knows Amy since the an effective co-personnel away from Jake. Rosa jumps in to say Jake and you will Amy was household members and there is nothing odd. Mr. Diaz said he saw how intimate Jake and you can Amy checked for the the picture. Whenever Mrs. Diaz requires what are you doing, Rosa upcoming announces you to Jake and you will Amy try engaged. There clearly was a lengthy stop where in actuality the moms and dads end and tend to be quiet. Mr. Diaz then trips the new quiet 2nd as he only sighs and you may says which is okay.

He tells Rosa that he allows this lady for exactly who she is and likes the lady really, considerably

Rosa asks as to the reasons the lady parents is ok together and Jake’s “love” getting complicated. Mr. Diaz responded that if she called them to create the food, all the afraid, which they was in fact worried she would definitely inform them one to the woman is homosexual. One to impacts an effective chord which have Rosa, in which she concerns you to the girl mothers go for this lady become a good man’s domme than in a loving relationship with a female. Getting the lady parents’ silence while the a yes, Rosa sets brand new record upright next, claiming she and you can Jake commonly relationship and you may announces in it that she actually is bisexual.

The next evening, Jake is actually enjoy towards Diaz’s family relations Games Evening in which they all enjoy Pictionary. The mother and father wind up on the topic off talking about what Rosa told her or him the previous evening. It told you they aren’t troubled and rationalizes you to its girl however like guys, gets hitched, and also children. Rosa responses that she can do that with one or a woman, to which the woman father said it will be having a guy and you can classifies Rosa’s bisexuality since the merely a stage. Inside defiance, Rosa draws a married relationship having one or two brides when it is the girl turn become upwards inside Pictionary and also an out in-depth dialogue with her mothers inside inquiring these to believe that she might not marry to help you a man and you may one the woman bisexuality isn’t a stage. Mr. Diaz argues that there surely is no such as for instance question to be bisexual however, Rosa counters one to Yes, discover. She demands one to this lady parents accepts their getting just who she is.

Another day, within 99th precinct, Mr. Diaz relates to visit Rosa in the office. He apologizes to have their bad effect and shows you this is brand new having your. He acknowledges that simply cannot guarantee one he’ll know but that he is trying to. The two kiss it out, and you may after Mr. Diaz shows that his wife needs more date.