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The Five Elements Palace is used for other purposes What do you mean Why is How cbd for insominia Much cbd for insominia Does Eagle Hemp Cbd cbd for insominia Gummies Cost the Five cbd for insominia Elements cbd for insominia Realm facing annihilation does cbd oil treat pain Oh, I understand, you are trying to fool me, hehe, don t waste your time, just hand it over Fu Yan Startled for a moment, then pouted and 33mg cbd gummies sneered self righteously.

The small ones are hidden in the magma. Fu Tian will definitely not find it.

It s hard work, but it s boring to keep guarding all the time, so let s change your shift Jiang Fan smiled, calling out the double headed split body to put the cbd for insominia double headed split body back in place, and separated another double headed split 33mg cbd gummies Cbd User Guide body wait.

You can only try to defend and delay the time as much as you can, and wait until God Futian comes out, but don t be fooled and chase the space beasts in a swarm, but cbd for insominia the space beasts how to extract pure cbd oil that were missed took the opportunity to wreak havoc without any scruples Jiang Fan threatened cbd for insominia Hey, that s the only way to go, cbd sublingual drops dosage for joint pain what a pity The black skinned servant was very depressed and entangled, obviously moved by Jiang Fan s words, and rushed to the scene fake cbd gummies 33mg cbd gummies without any anxiety.

Master, you should be able to deal with it The maid Xing Prodea cbd for insominia Xing replied.

Chasing Jiang Fan yelled, and with his mind, he used the displacement of the crossing stone, and appeared a thousand meters above the mountain, and the Five Elements Slash submerged in the rock exploded, following Jiang Fan, it instantly penetrated the mountain and rushed into the void.

I know The Five Elements God explained. Yin yang and five element magical skills are not so Martha Stewart Cbd Gummies Berry Medley cbd for insominia cbd for insominia easy to practice.

Naturally, Jiang Fan would not tell Li Zihao the real situation. The fewer people genetic mutation that makes cannibis and cbd oil a no no who knew about it, the better.

I should have warned myself 33mg cbd gummies Cbd User Guide earlier Jiang Fan blamed himself bitterly.

Jiang Fan was startled, and his heart sank. He was not qualified to enter, so let s go out instead of attacking He hurriedly hemp cbd oil for phlegm in throat turned around and was about to return, there was a buzzing sound, and colorful lights flashed, can you vape 100 cbd oil Jiang Fan suddenly felt as if his head had been hit by a heavy hammer, and he fainted for a moment.

Let s go, go to the Fumo Realm, and we will go back to the imprint of the space tunnel cbd for insominia left by the Five Elements Golden Beast soon, let s go first Jiang Fan shook his head.

The three of them were full of sighs and emotions. Now you go to rectify the order of the Fushen Realm and the Fumo Realm.

Uh, master, those guys are all idiots, and I didn t even see who cbd oil benefits cbd oil benefits for skin did it the black skinned servant beast said awkwardly.

He was injured in the fight. It is also easy to collapse after using the disguise technique.

Boom There was a loud noise, and countless sword lights struck the space behemoth, and the talisman array instantly collapsed under the power of the powerful and terrifying Sword of Punishing God, Prodea cbd for insominia oh cbd for insominia the space behemoth howled, and was instantly sent flying.

It would take at least half cbd for insominia a day for the Five Elements God to remove the Five Elements Realm, and it was too late.

Water drops through stone Jiang Fan didn t bother to use his avatar anymore, and sent out his thoughts directly, the water element rushed out from the water wheel field, and with a low shout, he slammed his palm with all his strength, and the water element violently shot towards the huge palace gate.

Ha Kuai immediately trembled and let out a strange cry. A beam of light shot out from the center of his eyebrows and shot at the blood fiend world destroying talisman that burst into golden light in the air.

Special thing What special thing The maid Xingxing frowned, feeling that something was a little troublesome, and asked.

Soon the artifact Xingxing approached seven or eight thousand miles and 33mg cbd gummies Cbd User Guide cbd for insominia stopped, not daring to move on, the maid Xingxing pointed to the screen and said Master, look, there is something floating on the sea, and its vitality seems to be quite strong Jiang Fan immediately looked into the distance with the Eye of the Wind, and soon saw the huge cocoon on the rough sea.

The Najia earth corpse was surprised Master, what are they doing when they come out It Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca 33mg cbd gummies should be contacting Fu Tian, and Lu Piaoyu, let s see what s going on Jiang Fan guessed, and the Najia soil corpse was relieved.

You dripped soul essence and blood, and I absorbed it too, but this kind of recognition of the master was not successful.

Uh, the talisman god is under the control of the powerful black skinned servant behind me.

Jiang Fan went out of the study and was surprised. The entire corridor was covered with a foot thick mist of the five elements, making it look like a fairyland, very spectacular and beautiful.

The red flame was consuming and cbd for insominia resisting the energy attack from the sealing cover.

The space beast is not exaggerating, the space behemoth is really terrifying, you are really dangerous Five Elements Golden Beast said solemnly.

The black skinned servant hesitated. Open up another way What do you mean Jiang Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca 33mg cbd gummies Fan asked suspiciously.

The distance became wider and wider every minute, and soon he couldn t track him.

I didn t care about Fu Tian before, but now what is the best formulation of cbd oil for anxiety I can concentrate on dealing with this last trouble.

The last time it was unimpeded to enter the study room, this time a very thin transparent film appeared at the door of the study room, sealing the door completely.

I really couldn t handle it Soon the big space The beast replies to the message.

At the same time as Jiang Fan activated, he used the gold thread battle suit.

The center of the heart is the fire wheel field. According to the five elements element method, the fire wheel Martha Stewart Cbd Gummies Berry Medley cbd for insominia field at the heart hole is opened from the inside.

Since it is a space crack, it should be more obvious. It will be troublesome for the God Futian to find it Uh, yes, after all, cbd for insominia the Fushen Realm and the Rune Demon Realm are too big, It s not easy to find Jiang Fan was surprised and deliberately tried.

Damn, eat eggs, what do you mean, don t you eat it all by yourself The Najia earth corpse immediately quit, cbd for insominia annoyed.

Uh, the big dark yellow ball is the Five Elements Palace Fu Tian s master s master is Fu Yan cbd for insominia Jiang Fan was startled suddenly, his brains turned sharply, and he said Two heads, you hide well and stare at the volcano The idea was sent out, and he entered the world of spells with Wuxing Zhan and best cbd cream for pain no thc Chaos Beast.

Jiang Fan brought Mengalan to the room in the territory of the Qinglong Tribe, and couldn t wait to hold Mengalan up to the jade platform.

So far, all the factories and slaughterhouses in the Fushen Realm have been destroyed, and it has captured Emperor Xu and asked what happened to the split body Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca 33mg cbd gummies here, it has sensed that the remaining double headed split body has lost contact.

Okay, get ready, come and do it anytime Jiang Fan urged. Jiang Fan sent another message to the two headed split body beast, ordering the two headed split body beast to rush to the magic cave immediately, and then told the maid Xing Xing about the situation, and asked, What do you think of this Uh, master, this matter is really troublesome.

Uh, what s the situation with the upgrade of the artifact Flashing Star The current artifact Flashing Star is not considered top notch among the Five Elements artifacts Jiang Fan then asked curiously.

The four elements explode together, and the superimposed power is doubled, which can reach a hundred times the power of a single elemental skill attack.

I cbd for insominia think it is the Five Elements Cocoon that Fu Tian and Fu Di are afraid of.

Bang, bang, bang Three explosions, the dead murderer waved his hands repeatedly, smashing the energy light ball shot by the artifact flashing star.

Oh, then tell me in detail Jiang cbd for insominia Fan was startled, and hurriedly said, anyway, he can t leave now, so let s hear what s going on first.

That s none cbd for insominia of my does cbd oil eliminate toxins through loose stools business the humanoid skeleton worm immediately affirmed.

Okay, mom, go to the sky with the eggs The chaotic beast responded, jumped up suddenly, and reached an altitude of more than 30,000 meters in an instant.

Mastered the law of energy. The Fuyang Orb is very powerful. I didn t master the law of energy before. The utilization rate of the Fuyang Orb is low and cbd bath bombs for sale I can t control it well.

This guy showed a dazed expression on his face, as if Royal Blend Cbd Gummies Free he didn t understand the meaning, so he had cbd for insominia to summon the Golden Element to demonstrate again.

The Chaos Divine Beast immediately seized the opportunity, oh The Prodea cbd for insominia Chaos Divine Beast immediately roared, purple blood seeped from its body, and then its mouth swelled, and its two lips rolled towards the surroundings like egg rolls.

Jiang Fan went cbd high vs thc high back to the huge palace gate and looked at it for a while, then gritted his teeth and said, Don t look for it, can you find cbd oil in milwaukee just blast away Ah, just blast away Master, this is tantamount to being reckless, isn t it appropriate The two headed split body beast was startled, and reminded embarrassingly.

Mom, Chidan just swallowed the soul crystal of the space behemoth, and needs to recuperate to absorb and digest it and return to its peak state cbd for insominia The chaotic beast immediately came to Jiang Fan s side and said.

Fu Tian went to the northwest Cbd 50mg Pills cbd for insominia of Dayuzhou, close to the deep mountains of the Fumo Realm.

It s a giant beast The Five Elements Golden Beast exclaimed in surprise.

Jiang cbd for insominia Fan didn t dare to play tricks. Although there were a row of jade flower stone marks left in front of him, it was impossible to distinguish the order of placing them.

Uh, it s a good thing that the human shaped skeleton worm and the space beast didn t chase me, otherwise I would really die, and I would never see Brother Heipi again.

Fu Tian yelled softly, and raised his hand to shoot a golden light into Ha Kuai s eyebrows.

I know, and I m looking forward to fighting the Five Elements Fire Beast, but now is not the time, so we have to postpone it a little bit Jiang Fan shook his head.

Healed from the connection, and escaped being devoured by the chaotic beast.

At the same time, I was also thinking about the words of Fu Tian. The human shaped skeleton insects used the space tunnel to leave, exposing the location, and the five element beasts will come.

No more space beasts Jiang Fan said. The maid, Flashing Star, immediately activated the Flashing Star Artifact to fly at full speed, and the Najia Earth Corpse reminded Master, Heipi said that even Fu Tian couldn t kill the space beast It cbd for insominia Does Cbd Oil Cure Diabetes doesn t matter.

While exerting all his strength, he wished that the triple green halo could be embedded in the seal cover of the Five Elements Cocoon Room.

Master, why did you deliberately lose and take the opportunity to kill these two guys Hey, now is not the time, I have 33mg cbd gummies Cbd User Guide to let go, otherwise I can t be passed on to Fu Tian well Jiang Fan said with a thief.

If the large space beast takes extreme measures, it can still be avoided, but it will hurt its vitality said the black skinned beast.

The minimum power of launching an energy attack is equivalent to the power of a sacred burst.

Once the five element water beast wants to deal with the double headed split body beast, it will come forward Prevent.

Master, if Fu Tian dies, wouldn t he lose his Fu Tian Divine Seal The double headed split body beast reminded.

Die, double headed split body is safe. Think about it again, is there anything related to this seal restriction missing Jiang Fan pondered for a moment and reminded.

The ball like body expanded again, Wyld Cbd Gummies 250 Mg with a diameter of two meters, three meters, five meters It grew until it was ten meters in diameter before stopping.

Flying upside down, it was evenly 33mg cbd gummies Cbd User Guide matched. At this cbd for asthma reviews time, Jiang 33mg cbd gummies Cbd User Guide Fan immediately took the Najia Earth Corpse, the Flying Winged Silver Dragon, and the Golden Armored Barbarian to the scene.

The master said that it should be possible. Cbd 50mg Pills cbd for insominia Jiang Fanfeng s eye sees through, and his mental power is released.

Maybe Li Zihao could know about Fu Tian. trend. Soon Li Zihao replied to the message, and Jiang Fan said Great, Li Zihao and the black skinned servant have been in contact several times in the past few days, which means that Fu Tian is not hiding Mom, where is Fu Tian Chaos Divine Beast hurriedly asked.

He closed the entrance of the sealing restriction just by looking at it.

Although they were all destroyed and broke through, they also relieved the pressure to a great extent.

The maid Flashing Star Suddenly said Master, the five elements water beast has stopped in a valley Master, the five element water beast has disappeared.

Jiang Fan followed immediately. The Five Elements Golden Beast took a Five Elements silk thread from its arm, raised its finger, and released a golden liquid dripping ball.

I saw a large pit more than ten meters in size and more than thirty meters deep on the ground at the bottom of the valley.

I also need three days to recover from my injuries. Brother Earth, come on, let s open the entrance together The Five Elements Golden Beast said, and the Five Elements Earth Beast nodded.

Affected by the movement of the universe, its position in the universe changes accordingly, so the master cannot how much cbd oil for 4 month old baby with epilepsy locate here in the Five Elements Realm can cbd oil give you bloody stool Five Elements The golden beast said Prodea cbd for insominia helplessly.

Has it been three days now Jiang Fan was taken aback, somewhat in disbelief.

It looks very majestic and grand. It is written best cbd oil youtube on the top, which is a huge character with a size of 100 meters Five Elements Palace Five Elements Palace Where is caviar cbd gummies it Why didn t the little one see it The two headed split body beast was surprised, staring at it with wide eyed eyes, and asked.

I still think it s useless to say it verbally. You don t know how I teach you how to recognize the Lord.

That big dark yellow ball like thing is a special seal, left by the master s master.

The big space beast fell silent, and Jiang Fan sent another message Brother Space, if you don t want to, then forget it, I will do it cbd for insominia myself, and tell you, if you miss this can you cook cbd oil into cookies village, there will be no such shop, and one day Fu Tian will come out again One trip, there is no guarantee that they will not find you Jiang Fan threatened.

Looking at the crowds that kept coming, he was a little depressed.

At the same time, Jiang Fan was also very surprised, the belly of the Chaos Divine Beast was so powerful that it crushed and exploded the elemental particles that make up the two five element beasts.

Old Jin is naturally fine. I ve already set it up with the help of the facilities in the Five Elements Furnace, so as not to encounter any emergencies.

He murmured in his heart that the energy attack of the artifact Flash Star consumes enough energy stones.

in case. The Five Elements Golden Beast landed on the Five Elements Stove exposed to the sea surface, wandered around for a while, came to stand on the edge of the portion exposed to the sea, stretched out cbd for insominia a golden palm with the palm facing down, and a golden light beam with a thick baby arm shot at the cbd for insominia Five Elements on the stove.

Where are their exact locations Jiang Fan asked. Uh, I Prodea cbd for insominia don t know the detailed location.

The pressure will be much easier, and Fudi will definitely send three corpses Fierce, you can still attack them Jiang Fan finally said.

1.cbd oil for alzheimer patients

Hey, if you don t sit in command to resist the attack of insect monsters, and don t care about the safety of the remaining factories and slaughterhouses, what are the three corpses and Lu Piaoyu going to Beiyuzhou Jiang Fan continued to read the captured talisman memory, suddenly Confused.

Without you, it will be even more difficult for me to deal with Fu Tian Jiang Fan said.

When a thought is cbd for insominia sent out, the remnants and wandering souls scattered everywhere frantically gather and line up to enter the practice field.

Please contact it as soon as you receive the message. In a hurry. Jiang Fan took out the green ball again, it was a message from Fudi, let him recover immediately, there was something important to say, Jiang Fan put it away, cbd for insominia took out the purple gray jelly like soft ball left by the space beast, and was also in a hurry to find himself.

The black skinned servant beast brought a war general to a mountain in the northwest of the Rune Demon Realm and cbd for insominia hovered over it.

Furthermore, Fudi has to refine a special shaped beast to give to its master.

What he Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca 33mg cbd gummies wanted to see most was the black skinned servant beast. The beast met, otherwise it would be hard to dispel Fu Tian s idea of crazy revenge.

I understand what you mean. I know what you mean, but I don t understand why you said this to me.

Seeing Fu Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca 33mg cbd gummies Tianzheng coming in a hurry, he was obviously attracted cbd for insominia by the huge movement.

He was about to enter the practice field when he suddenly thought of the Five Elements Golden Beast.

The scarlet five element fire lamp suddenly swayed from side to side and squeezed randomly, quickly squeezed out a two meter sized space before it stopped.

No, why should I hand over the talisman original bead Fu Di immediately quit, interrupting and vetoing.

Damn it, Heipi, protect the rest of the factory with all your strength, hunt down that damned two headed beast, I ll go find the space beast Fu Tian turned blue and trembled angrily, and then disappeared.

The undead at the bottom of the big cbd for insominia pit had already bioactive cbd oil found Jiang how much is cbd oil in vancouver canada Fan, but they just looked up at Jiang Fan and ignored them.

Uh, dead corpse The small one didn t find it The two headed split body beast replied in a daze.

Jiang Fan s head suddenly buzzed, it s broken, this guy can also use Yin Yang and Five Elements My mind turned sharply, feeling something was wrong, and questioned very suspiciously You are lying, Fu Ren hasn t learned it ignite gummies cbd for insominia himself, how could how to cook for cbd not thc he teach you the cbd r us gummies review magical Martha Stewart Cbd Gummies Berry Medley cbd for insominia skills of Yin Yang and Five Elements Of course that old ghost can t teach, I just used some tricks, the old ghost has no choice but to teach Fu Yan laughed.

The flying speed has been calculated, and it should be able to fly more than 60,000 miles in an hour.

Li Zihao said goodbye and continued to the north. The two headed split Prodea cbd for insominia body beast said suspiciously Master, Fu Tian s behavior is really strange.

Each fire layer erupted by the Five Elements Spirit Fire Lamp meets and explodes with the green light ball erupted by the green cloud layer, generating a powerful shock wave, but the fire layer pounces in flakes, blocking the power of 33mg cbd gummies Cbd User Guide the shock wave.

The human shaped skeleton worm left to return to the original world.

His body continued to emit gray light, and there was a booming sound.

Staying in the seal cover can wait for the rabbit The black skinned servant beast said without concealing it.

Fu Tian appeared to be full of confidence, opened his mouth suddenly, and sprayed out a small mouthful of soul essence and blood at the seal of Fu Tian, which was suspended in the air.

Jiang Fan immediately thought about it and asked directly the soul of Fu Tian Shenyin What is 33mg cbd gummies Cbd User Guide the original secret technique of the spell Master, I will transfer all medterra cbd gummy the secret spells to you, including the original secret spells said the soul of the rune happily.

Hehe, Fu Yan, what Martha Stewart Cbd Gummies Berry Medley cbd for insominia you practice is the flawed law of the five elements, and you don t have the help of the Yin Yang Five Element Bead.

The big monster wanted does iso50 cbd oil non pshicotic t to rush over, but suddenly his heart moved, and he hurriedly asked Have you found the space beast yet Uh, you are so close, the cbd for insominia space beast should find you Suddenly the monster felt something was wrong again, and questioned.

The Najia soil corpse immediately flew over to launch a fatal attack, but it received a voice transmission from Jiang Fan, Idiot, don t kill it, just pretend to scare it away Pierce the sky The Najia earth corpse was surprised and very puzzled, but still slowed down finding a cannabis supplier for cbd oil a little according to the words, and roared, and swung out the soul breaking spear, only using five layers of strength.

I don t cbd for insominia know cbd for insominia about this, all about cbd I guess there must be something very important Li Zihao shook his head.

The voice shouted Do you want to die or do you want to live Uh, King Earth, what do you mean Haven t we reached an agreement the Primordial Spirit Matrix of the Little Space Beast asked in surprise.

Mami could leave for the ocean. The flying winged silver dragon stood guard outside the cave, and Jiang Fan summoned a few powerful undead, of course the undead controlled by the King of Bone Spirits.

Uh, if we can stop Futian and Fudi from attacking the Five Elements Beast and let the Five Elements Beast enter the Five Elements cocoon smoothly, then Futian and Fudi will be finished soon.

After all, he was not a real Five cbd for insominia Elements Water Beast. Once the water elements covering his body were scattered, his real body would be revealed, and the fake Five Elements Water Beast would be exposed.

It seems that I just need to go to Lu Piaoyu first, and then find the corpse after I don t know.

Let me take a look Jiang Fan responded, cbd for insominia checked the Chaos beast, and finally frowned and shook his head Qi Dan, your situation is still okay, mom doesn t understand, you are too special, I can only talk about your future Infinite Oh, that means eating eggs can continue to make you stronger Chaos Divine Beast was slightly disappointed and asked tentatively.

The 33mg cbd gummies Cbd User Guide Fudi made it Well, it s very possible. It is estimated that the Fudi has entered the huge underground seal in the valley of Beiyuzhou.

Fear, just more vigilant. Flying ash and annihilation Jiang Fan looked at the two big men, let out a roar, and used his trick as soon as he got started, urging the Yin and Yang two beads in the Yuanshen space with all his strength, and the violent spell energy was injected into the God killing Sword, Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca 33mg cbd gummies and the sky was full of sword shadows.

To really kill the five element beast, the only cbd for insominia way to completely destroy the elemental body cbd for insominia of the five element beast that gives life force is quite difficult Jiang Fan cbd for insominia said with cbd for insominia emotion.

Damn it, there is a five element fire beast in the five element spirit fire lamp Jiang Fan was taken aback, and suddenly felt a twitch in his heart, and said tentatively, Prodea cbd for insominia Master, water can put out cbd oil benefits holistic fire, can the five element fire beast deal with the five element water beast It is reasonable to say that water can put out a fire, but can a tank of water put out a raging Prodea cbd for insominia mountain fire The five element fire beast in the five element spirit fire lamp is not ordinary, it is definitely more than two chips Martha Stewart Cbd Gummies Berry Medley cbd for insominia stronger than the five element water beast, so the five element fire beast can be dealt with Five Elements Water Beast Fu Tian said proudly.

Jiang Fan was a little anxious, and stepped in again, but was still pushed out and thrown on the ground, Jiang Fan lost his temper, and tried three cbd for insominia times in a row, but was quickly pushed out, Jiang Fan panicked, No, I really can t get in Jiang Fan sat on the ground staring at the dark thing in a daze, his double headed body was also anxious, and he shot in, but was pushed Martha Stewart Cbd Gummies Berry Medley cbd for insominia out quickly and fell to the ground with a bang.

You can think about it, but I won t give you too much time, I will give you five days, and then don t kansas royal cbd oil try to procrastinate, otherwise, if my patience wears out, I will cancel the contract with you The cbd isolate oil buy little round ball of the brain is not stupid enough to warn.

The aura of the ten clones seemed to be the same, no different from the real person he had seen before.

He is probably forced to take risks. Alright the maid Xingxing exclaimed.

Although the double headed split body was prepared, and the whole body gathered strength and tightened your body, you were still almost pulled into two Cut it, and let out a cry of pain.

Hehe, the laws of the universe I 33mg cbd gummies Cbd User Guide understand now have surpassed the Five Elements Gods, and have achieved a qualitative leap, far surpassing the Five Elements Gods in strength Jiang Fan smiled with great emotion.

What s going on What s in the bottles cbd for insominia The Five Elements Golden Beast nodded without saying anything.

Give it to Fu Tian s Ha monsters under Fu Tian s subordinates. Uh, Fudi hasn t refined Ha monsters into adhd cbd gummies alien beasts yet Well, I guess it s too late, and the refining of alien beasts has been delayed.

After all, there are five demon masters and three talisman masters, and the three of them are a bit weak.

The Bone Spirit King can t stay, and he has to deal with bug monsters.

The space is fierce. Although the plan failed this time, there is cbd gummy legal in usa is still a great unexpected harvest.

What s going on I admit that you are very powerful, but I m a little surprised.

Before, I didn t have this kind of ability, but with the improvement of your master s five element law, some of my abilities have also been greatly enhanced.

The owner of the room The big space beast replied. Blood soul sealing paste seals the entrance and exit of the space tunnel, the owner of the five element cocoon cbd for insominia room will not be able to get through, and the crisis of Futian empower cbd oil and Fudi will be resolved The big space beast said again.

Jiang Fan sneered, and with his thoughts, he quickly summoned a huge amount of five 33mg cbd gummies Cbd User Guide element elements to wrap the artifact flashing star, and said fiercely I want to destroy the artifact flashing star The five elements suddenly tightened, and the artifact flashing star suddenly felt the terrifying cbd for insominia pressure.

The master is asking you to follow along to see and see the black skinned servant beast laughed.

One percent of the power of the Five cbd for insominia Elements Shrine. Fu Yan only knew that Fu Ren controlled the Palace of the Five Elements, but he could only adjust the form of the seal restriction in the Palace of the Five Elements.

Yeah, I guess my primordial spirit is not strong enough Jiang Fan was delighted, but at the same time a little depressed.

Fu Tian relied on this as the foundation, and with cbd for insominia the help of secretly practicing Dacheng s spell skills, he created this place The Five Elements Golden Beast said angrily.